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The Best Small Debt Collection Agency in Australia

We claim that being family owned and operated gives us two major benefits.

Firstly it means that our procedures are long established and perfectly understood.  Whatever we do with machines and systems is supplemented by our personal involvement.  With prompt and intelligent response to each call, to every account, we are able to orchestrate our phone calls and letters to elicit the best response for you our clients - all of which contributes to our collecting a large percentage of your bad debts.

Secondly our family arrangement lets us maintain a very lean organisation with the lowest overheads in the Collection Industry.  This gives you the benefits of our extremely competitive commission structure.  Unlike most agencies we are commission only, you do not pay any additional charges or fees.  We established our agency in 1985, and are proud that we have had no increases in our commission structure.

If you desire we can supply the names of clients, in similar activities to your own, who can better reinforce the advantages they find in our service.

Hopefully you will decide to give Guardian a go, so that we can prove that we offer collection benefits you've never experienced before, nor thought possible.

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