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Privacy Statement and Openness Policy

As a registered Debt Collection Agency in NSW, Guardian falls under the provisions of the Federal Privacy Amendments (Private Sector) Act 2000.
In general this requires Guardian to be ethical in operating its business, to diligently protect the integrity and accuracy of the information it holds and to respect the privacy of the people it has dealings with.

Sources of information and contacts:

The bulk of the information Guardian deals with is provided by creditors, who collected such information in the normal operation of their business in the context of supplying goods or services on credit.
Guardian gathers information from communications with debtors and where appropriate the debtor's guardians, trustees or executors.

Data Mining:

As a matter of practice and policy Guardian does not consolidate or cross index information.  Information on resolved debtor accounts is not retained in databases.  All information is organised at the level of the creditor, since all requirements to access a debtor's information is in the context of the creditor.
Guardian does not trade, sell or share information.

Related parties:

Guardian is aware that its obligations with respect to information policy must be maintained throughout all business processes, all staff and contractors are appropriately instructed.  On the occasions when Guardian instructs solicitors, client confidentiality is attached.  Guardian will provide courts with information where relevant, and will involve appropriate parties when implementing court orders.

Guardian's Computer systems:
  • Do not have applications which provide network services or operate as software agents.
  • Do not have applications with enabled macro languages.
  • Have anti-virus software with subscriptions to online updates and alerts.
  • Are insulated from the InterNet by firewalls and NAT.
  • Emails and attachments are actively scanned.
  • Have online passwords which comply with length and content guidelines.

Access to and validation of information:

The Privacy Commissioner has promised to produce a set of guidelines as to how organisations which hold information can satisfactorily establish the identity of persons requesting information held on them.  Upon such time Guardian will adopt said guidelines and defer to the Commissioner's judgement as to their appropriateness and correctness.
Requests for information must be in writing.

Further information about privacy legislation is available from:

The Australian Government - Office of the Privacy Commissioner

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