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Client registration and authorisation to act

 To have Guardian act as your agent in collecting debts owed to you, Guardian is required to have the following details with your signature on file. You can EITHER print out this web page and complete the form OR have Guardian send you a form to be completed, then post or email the form to us. We will ALWAYS acknowledge any new account(s) recieved.


Guardian Collection Agency Pty Limited
A.C.N. 050 109 932

PO Box 4200, Londonderry NSW 2753
Phone (02) 4588 8787  


Client Name: _______________________________
Person to contact: _______________________________
Postal Address: _______________________________
Tel:(   ) __________________
Email: ______________________________

 Please start collecting our specified past due accounts on our behalf.  We understand that there will be no service fees of any kind and that Guardian's total remuneration for its service will be derived from commissions received from funds collected on the accounts we refer to you for servicing, as per the Commission Schedule below (GST is applicable).  We understand that Guardian is unable to collect accounts that are under dispute or arbitration.  Guardian has the right to deposit remittances in our name and/or on our behalf.  Guardian will provide a monthly reconciliation of all payments received during the month.  I agree to notify Guardian of all payments received in our office for accounts that the agency is handling in order to facilitate reporting.

Commission Schedule
    On all funds collected "Guardian" will receive:

Account Age Balance Commission
less than 1 year old: 
under $75  50%
$76-$500  40%
$501-$1500  30%
over $1501  20%
over one year old: 
flat rate  60%


Name (please print):_______________________________


After you register, your next step is to:

Download, Print, Fill in the PDF, and either 'scan and email' or POST

Guardian: Details of bad debts

(photocopies can also be used).

Guardian Collection Agency Pty Limited,  A.C.N. 050 109 932  PO Box 4200, Londonderry 2753, NSW
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